TorqueMaster™PE, TEFC, General Purpose

(Premium Efficient)

Quality. Performance. Dependability.

That’s what the TorqueMaster™PE (Premium Efficient) series of motors were built to bring to your business.

Equipped with top-of-the-line features like a cast iron frame, low temperature rise for extended insulation life, inverter grade wire with increased turn-down ratios, and high locked rotor and breakdown torques for reliable operation, the TorqueMaster™PE series is the name in electric motor efficiency and productivity.

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• Pumps
• Blowers
• Fans
• Compressors
• Conveyors
• Hydraulic power units 
• Most other industrial applications

Key Features

1-500 Horsepower
With a range of power and speed options, there is a TorqueMaster™ fit for any application. High locked rotor and breakdown torque allow more versatility by delivering maximum performance for almost any application. 

TEFC, IP55 Degree of Protection
Engineered for increased durability, Torque Masters are fan cooled and fully enclosed to prevent debris or liquid from harming electrical components. 

TorqueMaster™ motors meet all US DOE efficiency requirements and are certified for use in Class I, Division II areas. 

Oversized Bearings
Larger bearings equal longer life. Longer life means less downtime and more ROI.


• Cast iron construction
• Heavy gauge rolled steel fan cover
• Stainless steel nameplate
• Class I, Division II Certification on each nameplate 
• Fully gasketed cast iron junction box
• 90-degree rotation
• Heavy duty rubber dust curtain and lead separator
• Ground lug in junction box 
• Precision balanced rotor
• Class F insulation
• VPI stator assembly
• Inverter grade magnet wire 
• Heavy duty cast iron end bells
• Heavy duty cast iron feet
• Precision foot flatness
• Cast iron bearing retainers (254 frame and up) 
• Premium bearings, SKF or NSK
• Oversized bearings
• Re-greasable bearings (254 frame and above)
• Metal clad slinger 
• C face motors or kits
• T or TS shaft configurations
• Shaft grounding kits available for 364 frame and up


Our state-of-the-art motor modification center allows us to change mounting configurations, add grounding brushes, insulated bearings or any other motor accessories to tailor the equipment to your needs.


“R” indicates a roller bearing is supplied on the drive end.

“I” indicates insulated opposite drive end bearing as standard.

“G” indicates shaft grounding brush on drive end as standard.

When using motors with VFDs, it is important to eliminate shaft currents as these can damage bearings.