OptiHydro™IR Irrigation VFD

Superior Design. Innovative Cooling. Exceptional Performance.

Efficient water management practices can help maintain profitability in an era of increasingly limited and more costly water supplies. The engineering team of Advanced Industrial Devices has designed a game-changer for the water systems market.

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• Centrifugal pumps for irrigation
• Center pivot irrigation
• Drip or flood irrigation

Features & Benefits

• Ease-of-operation and programming
• An innovative, engineered cooling system
• Single to three-phase power conversion
• Can maximize pump life
• Can lower daily operating costs
• Modular design for scalability 
• Main circuit breaker disconnect
• Engineered cooling system
• Filtered air inlet
• Designed air inlets and outlets designed to prevent insect infestation
• VFD with a -10 to 50°C (13-122°F) ambient operating temperature (no derate)
• Hand-Off-Auto circuit with courtesy terminals for easy connection
• Exterior speed potentiometer for speed adjustment without opening the enclosure
• VFD keypad is standard
• White, powder coated, gasketed NEMA 3R enclosure for maximum cooling
• Terminal blocks
• Door kickstand

Other Features & Options

• Simple-to-program, easy-to-use color touchscreen with graphical interface
• SCADA connectivity
• Customized screens with your company logo 
• 10”x10”x3” metal controller cover for weather protection
• Shutdown buzzer/red light
• 24v DC power supply
• Thermostat for cooling fan
• Output power distribution block
• Cooling fan
• 3.5” color touchscreen
• Fused control power transformer
• Line reactor
• Lightning arrestor
• Power protection circuit (low voltage, high voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, and imbalance)


OptiHydro™IR Irrigation VFD delivers better motor control for energy savings and process control in a full suite of variable speed drive panel packages up to 1000 horsepower.

The standard OptiHydro™IR Irrigation VFD package has an ambient operating temperature of 122°F with no power deration at all. Our innovative, engineered cooling system provides maximum cooling efficiency without the need for any mechanical or moving parts that can wear out (without line reactor).

OptiHydro™IR Irrigation VFD’s white, powder coated NEMA 3R enclosure reflects solar heat as to not add to the ambient temperature and provides strong corrosion resistance. Cool, clean electrical components last longer and perform better.