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MTE Matrix AP, Harmonic Filters

Simply put the MTE Matrix AP is the most advanced passive filter on the market today. Most filters work fine when loads are at 100% but underperform at lower loads or missed matched inverter/motor loads. The patented Adaptive Passive technology virtullay eliminates harmonic distortion by adapting to varying power loads. It delivers better THID performance, increases efficiency and allows you to meet IEEE-519.

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Features & Specifications

All units below include a capacitor disconnect contactor, NO/NC auxiliary contacts customer connection terminal block, requires a 120 VAC power source.

HP Matrix AP with Contactor, Open Matrix AP with Contactor, NEMA 1 Enclosure Matrix AP with Contactor, NEMA 3R Enclosure
6 1MAPP0006D00200 MAPG0006D002 MAPW0006D002
8 MAPP0008D002 MAPG0008D002 MAPW0008D002
11 MAPP0011D002 MAPG0011D002 MAPW0011D002
14 MAPP0014D002 MAPG0014D002 MAPW0014D002
21 MAPP0021D002 MAPG0021D002 MAPW0021D002
27 MAPP0027D002 MAPG0027D002 MAPW0027D002
34 MAPP0034D002 MAPG0034D002 MAPW0034D002
44 MAPP0044D002 MAPG0044D002 MAPW0044D002
52 MAPP0052D002 MAPG0052D002 MAPW0052D002
66 MAPP0066D002 MAPG0066D002 MAPW0066D002
83 MAPP0083D002 MAPG0083D002 MAPW0083D002
103 MAPP0103D002 MAPG0103D002 MAPW0103D002
128 MAPP0128D002 MAPG0128D002 MAPW0128D002
165 MAPP0165D002 MAPG0165D002 MAPW0165D002
208 MAPP0208D002 MAPG0208D002 MAPW0208D002
240 MAPP0240D002 MAPG0240D002 MAPW0240D002
320 MAPP0320D002 MAPG0320D002 MAPW0320D002
403 MAPP0403D002 MAPG0403D002 MAPW0403D002
482 MAPP0482D002 MAPG0482D002 MAPW0482D002
636 MAPP0636D002 MAPG0636D002 MAPW0636D002
786 MAPP0786D002 MAPG0786D002 MAPW0786D002
850 MAPP0850D002 MAPG0850D002 MAPW0850D002
1000 MAPP1000D002 MAPG1000D002 MAPW1000D002
1200 MAPP1200D002 MAPG1200D002 MAPW1200D002

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